NSW DAVIDSON’S PLUM Davidsonia jerseyana

Description: A very ornamental tree, growing to a height of between 3 to 5 metres in the garden, the NSW Davidson’s Plum forms either a small tree or a multiple stemmed, bushy shrub.

Flowers are small, pink and borne on the stem either singly or on short panicles and occur from September to November.

Fruits are large, purple, plum-like berries (to 35mm across) and quite spectacular, forming clusters on the trunk. Fruiting occurs between November to February and individual trees are capable of producing many kilos of fruit. Mature trees that do form a clump of stems are best pruned back to 3 or 4 for optimal fruiting and light penetration.

Uses: The brilliant red fleshed ‘plums’ are rather sour but very high in antioxidants and vitamins. They are delicious and lend themselves to both sweet and savoury applications such as jams and meat sauces. They also make a quite acceptable wine.

This tree is rare & endangered in its native habitat in the riverine rainforests of the Brunswick and Tweed valleys on the far north coast of NSW.

A ‘must’ for inclusion in any Bushfood garden.