Doug & Kath Brownlow         Eden Bush Foods, Camp Mountain Qld.

Doug Brownlow has been connected with agricultural activities since the early days on his family’s Sydney poultry farm and later, their beef and apple property in Putty, N.S.W. His career path has taken him into education and management both in NSW and Queensland and he and his wife Kath became involved in the bush food industry in the mid-1990’s. In 1994 they purchased a 2 hectare property, once a banana farm and later a dry run for a dairy farm, in the hills on the northwest outskirts of Brisbane. They regenerated the land, utilising best practice land management principles to establish rainforest species, including a selection of bush foods.

Doug and Kath were founding members of the now defunct Australian Rainforest Bushfood Industry Association (ARBIA) and Doug represented the Association at the seminal Australian Native Bushfood Industry Committee (ANBIC) Conference in Brisbane in May 1995.

They joined the QBA in the early days of the Association before the Constitution was developed and have been active members since then with Doug holding the position of Chairman.

Doug was invited to join the special committee working on the development and incorporation of the national Australian Native Food Industry Ltd and was a founding director at its incorporation in 2006.

Kath offers mentoring and spiritual direction while Doug works part time at QUT in injury prevention while maintaining their small polycultural planting.

Doug and Kath believe QBA offers its members a range of opportunities for information sharing, collaboration on projects of mutual benefit and most importantly, a forum for discussing and progressing the range of issues current and emerging in the industry. Most importantly, he believes QBA’s key strength lies in its membership comprising people from all sectors of the industry with a common Queensland base of operations.